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Just some of the ways we can lend our expertise

web design


• Save time and money with our affordable WordPress design
• Get a new website up and running in no time
• One stop destination for all your web development needs
• You don’t need an expensive website developer when we can do it for you

Web Apps

• RovaWorks provides cost-effective solutions for web app development
• Web applications. Done right.
• A cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses
• Work closely with our team to create a bespoke web app tailored to your needs

maintenance services


Your site will be safe and secure from malware and spam with 24/7 monitoring and cleanup services.


Scheduled secure offsite backups keep your website content and source code safe. The Our team will help restore your website in the event of a disaster.


Never worry about updates again. One of our team members will personally update everything for you on a weekly basis and ensure there are no conflicts.


Need something small built out or added onto your website? We can discuss that as part of our maintenance packages.

Developer Loyalty

No more flaky developers that quit responding to emails. You’ll now have a dedicated developer that you can trust and rely on.


Your site can be migrated to our trusted host or another of your choosing, without you lifting a finger!


Don’t make your plans in the dark! Use our expertise to light the way and make the best choices for your website.  Our entire process revolves entirely around your needs and business requirements.  We excel at translating your ideas and needs into action and deliver creative solutions that meet, or exceed, your goals.

The biggest factor in the success of any project is to ensure there is a clear goal shared between our team and our client. We take a collaborative approach here and work with you, as a team, to determine the best approach to deliver a great product, while working with you to avoid communication problems and agree on issues that can impact cost and timeline. We have a defined a process within our project life cycle to ensure this shared understanding. Let’s get started with a no stress discovery call!

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